thoughts about the album from some fans over at BCB

king feeb:

I played it twice today. I think it's probably your best album yet.

I especially liked the eerie, almost malevolent, atmosphere of "Toys For Girls". "Suspended Re-Activation" was another highlight, especially the way the disembodied-sounding choir voices come at you from the edges of the mix (and it's a great album closer- that little ambient sample at the very end is genius). And the short piece, "Interlude", is a great change-of-pace, and it sounds like it was influenced by mid-period Cluster (Grosses Wasser, Curiosum)... always a good thing in my book. There are some amazing sounds throughout, the recording itself is totally pro, and the deep bass of "What's The Title?" caused the cat to rouse himself from his nap and stare at the speaker in a puzzled manner. His ears were twisting around like little antennae.


Here today, and I am playing it right now. It sounds fantastic, really loud and robust. Very good so far, and I am enjoying it more than Motorik. Good job Conny!!


Well, I'm playing it again now, for the third time.

My immediate thought on hearing the first track was 'Ultramarine'. Very much the same kind of vibe -- 'organic' in its feel. The other thing that grabbed me was that there's always something going on that's unexpected, those little breaths, tweets and samples so delicately poised in the background. And as the album progresses, the change of mood from track to track continuously maintains the interest (track 3 is a great example -- a real change of mood but it still fits in with the album). The production is great too -- really booms out of the speakers.

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tracklist - broadcast power, whats the title?, treibholz, toys for girls, tamiflu (test), broken doll, interlude, battle computers, suspended re-activation.